We produce an innovative inclined working place.

Stoya is a russian version of Standfit.

In Russia we have sold more than 300 of them
We are a startup Standfit
Here is a video that explains how to adjust it so you feel comfortable.
How to adjust Stoya:
1. The first thing you should pay attention to is that the footrest can move. Don't be scared to stand on it. Step on the front part of the footrest and then put your heels back.

2. Then we understand that it feels uncomfortable. So we should adjust it.

3. First thing to adjust is a headrest. Try to find the most comfortable position for you, then tighten it.

4. Then it could happen that the table is too low for you. It can be lifted by the armrests, find the grooves and put it down. Than we check again table's height and rearrange it if needed.

5. If you feel that it's too soft, meaning that it's leaning too far back and you need it to be more rigid, you can adjust rigidness using the adjusting bar behind the backrest in the lower part.
If you want it more rigid, put the bar into the lower holes.

6. Let's try it. With a more rigid spring you will feel that rocking is minimal and Standfit is in the most vertical position.

7. If you have a backpack you can hang it on a hook behind the backrest.

8. If you work on a laptop, put it first on a table and then slide it open.

9. Have a nice work!)
What are the differences between Stoya and Standfit?

1. Backrest, footrest and table are made of wood

2. The footrest is more movable

3. The table and the armrest are one piece

4. There is a special pocket for your notebook, a cupholder and places for a smartphone and a pen.

If you want to know how our european project is going, welcome to Standfit homepage:
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