An inclined workstation for those:
Whose backs hurt from sedentary work
Who considers themselves innovators
Who wants to increase his/her efficiency
Whose legs stiff because of standing work
What is it and how does it work?
First of all, when you work using Standfit, you don't sit because sitting is considered unhealthy
Pressure on the spine.
Risk of osteochondrosis and spinal disc compression.
Blood congestion.
Risk of hemorrhoids and gastrointestinal problems.
Your back is straight and relaxed on the backrest.
Your posture is dynamic, your muscles work. You avoid internal organs clampings.

At the same time you don't stand because it is exhausting to stand long
It is hard to keep your back straight.
Your legs are tired, your joints suffer.
100% of your weight presses on your feet.

You can keep your back straight without any efforts.
25% less pressure on your feet due to the shifted center of gravity.
Movable footrest eliminates blood stagnation in the legs.

You have an opportunity to swing intuitively to achieve the flow state
Improves focus and concentration.
Is a natural anti-stress mechanism.
Increases work efficiency (we have medical research).

You don't need to swing all the time. Your body will decide, when to 'turn on' rocking.
Standfit is a must-have if…
You regularly have backaches
but you don't like taking pills
You are an innovator
and prefer something exclusive that nobody has
You are tired of working at the dining table
and are eager to organize a compact healthy home office
You don't know what to gift to a person who has everything
but want to give something extraordinary and useful
You want to increase your work efficiency
without any tricks, pills and time waste
You have a healthy lifestyle
and are looking for a new device for work and rest
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