Maria Matskevich
One of the first users of Standfit, she started to work on Standfit after she got a back injury. Now Maria actively uses Standfit for work.
Different situations happen in our lives, including various injuries, no one is immune to it. In this case Maria has shared how Standfit helped her after she broke her spine.

The case study is narrated by Maria herself.

My story happened on New Year's Eve, since then I don't like this holiday.

Let's just say one day I was unlucky. I broke my spine. Well, to be concrete, it was a first-grade lumbar compression fracture. I don't like to tell you about the "charms" of being in the hospital. It was horrible there. On the other hand, I had a lot of free time. The two-week treatment consisted of lying on the shield and light therapy.

The traumatologists divided us into: ¬ętubing fans", "extreme people" and "pensioners". I was in the first category. Guys, tubing is fun, of course, but don't forget about safety. As you might have guessed, I haven't been tubing since.

After discharge I was only allowed to lie down and stand, sitting was forbidden for several months. Slowly I went back to work. I worked at home. It was extremely inconvenient to work while lying down, so I put my laptop on the microwave and typed slowly. I had no other options, I had a lot of work to do, so I had to adapt.

Was it hard to work standing? Let's say, after lying down for a long time, it was a bit unusual. Working in trade for more than ten years, I got used to standing for several hours. Maybe it was my love of long walks that helped? In general, I did not experience much difficulty. I changed poses, warmed up a little, and walked around the apartment.

The time went by, and soon I was finally discharged. I went back to work at the office. I was still not allowed to sit. No offense, I sat down. Sometimes. For a little while. For which I received warnings from my colleagues.

Just at this time, by a miraculous coincidence of circumstances (there's no other word for it), Standfit came into my life for the first time. Not the one that now stands at home, working on which I type this text. No, it was one of the first prototypes. There was no sliding table, no lumbar support, no comfortable headrest, and the footrest did not change its position.

The most "fun" began with the setting of the table, it was not easy. So having set it once, I had to get out and in from underneath. Now there are no such problems. Everything has become much easier.

At that point Standfit really saved me. It was not necessary to look for a special place to put the laptop. I leaned on Standfit and had a great time. I swayed when I got a tricky task and needed to get my thoughts in order. A few months later when I got better, I was "officially" allowed to sit, and they took Standfit away.
Recently, I caught myself thinking that I have to work at home for long periods of time sitting, typing, and I wanted Standfit. Voilà, the universe heard the request, and now the Standfit is in my room.