Vladimir Novosiolov
Realweb CIO, AI-Enthusiast and Evangelist
How to work with spinal injury

In May 2020, Vladimir, like many others, had to switch to a remote job. By chance he saw Standfut Version 1 on the Internet, got interested, but at that time there was no urgent need to buy it. The company provided comfortable furniture for work.

His hectic schedule before New Year eve led to chronic lack of sleep, which negatively affected his concentration. Ironically, the athlete who conquered Mount Elbrus "broke" at home after falling in his own bathroom. As a result, he fractured his ninth thoracic vertebra.

Doctors prohibited any kind of movement for three months, and for the next six months imposed a ban on sitting. He could not take vacation, too many projects demanded his attention. Then he remembered Standfit V.1. He ordered it. We managed to send it before the new year. His friends helped Vladimir to assemble it.

Working on Standfit, he noticed a number of things: as opposed to lying down, productivity improves. Lying down all the time is bad for your health. In addition, he made a number of modifications, attached monitor arm to the table.

The system works perfectly, even with a swing. We got a whole
"work station".

The only thing he worried about was how long the table could withstand the constant load of up to 5 kg, because it was originally designed for a laptop only. It was also not very comfortable to work with a mouse, it rolled down, that's why he replaced it by a touchpad.

«Special thanks for the massage mat, great for unloading feet.

In general, I am satisfied with Standfit V.1, thanks for the opportunity to work with the injury», summed up Vladimir.

Vladimir ordered branded standfits for Realweb