Viktoriia Stellhorn
Blogger tool
Viktoriia, an Instagram and YouTube blogger, the author of training courses and Online Tarot Academy in Berlin.

In June 2019 we received one very interesting and unexpected order from Berlin. It was our first European order.

Victoria's insights after a year of using Standfit:
  • On the one hand, Standfit is a place of calm, on the other hand, it is a place of discipline, concentration, focus.
  • On Standfit, anxiety and panic go away and everything comes into balance.
  • Standfit is a luxury: it's a great gift to yourself and your health.
  • Standfit is a good solution for people with lower back and back problems.
  • Standfit makes you develop the habit of not slouching.

Standfit usage scenarios:
  • working on the phone with a straight back
  • meditation, relaxation, tension relief
  • reading, working with papers, drawing