Yurii Garmaev
Professor, Doctor of Law
Standfit as an alternative to sit-stand desk.

Yuri realized the harm of a sedentary lifestyle a long time ago and switched to standing work. However, in such a position his legs quickly get tired and swollen. Standfit helped Yuri to increase his standing time by 2-3 times.

Yurii works a lot with documents and at the computer, performs intellectual work.

Standfit usage scenarios:
  • typing/reading texts
  • watching videos
  • delivering online lectures
  • participation in Zoom conferences
  • phone conversations
  • reading books
Yurii refused to work sitting and chose to work standing, being well aware of the risks of a sedentary lifestyle. But prolonged standing on his feet leads to unpleasant sensations - his legs become swollen and very tired. Even with a soft mat under his feet, Yuri can stand in this position up to 1-2 hours.

After purchasing Standfit Version 1, Yurii uses it for 5 hours a day (the massage mat under his feet helps a lot in this case). The inclined position and shifted center of gravity relieve his legs tiredness and backache.

Workday routine:


1 hour standing at the standing table, 1 hour sitting (alternating).

2-4 hours standing on Standfit, 1 hour sitting (alternating).
Sitting time, with a 10-hour work day is 1-1.5 hours.
Yurii used to walk around the room while talking on the phone. Now he's rocking while talking on the phone in Standfit. According to his feedback, his voice softenes while talking on Standfit.

A left-handed enlarged table was made especially for Yurii to make it as comfortable as possible to work on.

Yurii practices meditation, Yantra yoga, Buddhism and regular neck exercises.