work in your flow
work in your flow
Our lower back hurts because
we sit a lot and don't move enough
Standfit is designed to sit less
and move more while working
The effectiveness of Standfit has been
verified by two medical studies

With backache our efficiency is lower
Why Standfit?
One Standfit:
  • Replaces several workplaces
  • Occupies only 1,1 sq.m
  • Makes you and your colleagues active and increases your creativity and productivity
  • Eliminates backache
  • Increases motivation, loyalty and improves HR Brand
  • Brings joy and health
    Everyone has a partner, a colleague, an acquaintance or a friend who you are not sure what to present with. Standfit is a healthy and unusual present
    A present
    The hidden benefits of Standfit use
    Swaying is a natural anti-stress mechanism. The body intuitively turns the movement on when it gets tired
    Do something unusual in an unusual place to get unusual solutions! For example, stand lying down on Standfit
    By installing Standfit in the office you show concern for employees' health and work efficiency. Your colleagues will appreciate it!
    Dozens of companies already have Standfit at their offices
    The Original Standfit Series
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    Medical studies
    • On work efficiency, 120 volunteers took part

      Standfit use improves work efficiency and overall state to a greater extent than resting in a sitting position

      Thus it is recommended for:

      • employees who spend most of their time in a sitting position;
      • those who are not allowed to sit for a long time due to back pain or injury.

    • Study on the effectiveness of Standfit use on the quality of life of people suffering from chronic back pain

      Using of Standfit on a daily basis could bring therapeutic and preventive effects for people suffering from back pain.

      The use of a Standfit as the main workplace may in some cases reduce the period of temporary disability by several times for patients who have undergone surgery on the thoracic or lumbar part of spine.
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